Ace on the Case This online game explores topics in ocean science. The graphics are delightful.  Students   uncover amazing ocean facts and face challenging learning activities.
Amusement Park Physics You've bought your ticket and boarded the roller coaster. Now you're barreling down the track at 60 miles per hour, taking hairpin turns and completing death-defying loops. Your heart is in your throat and your stomach is somewhere near your shoes. The only thing separating you from total disaster is a safety harness...but are you really in danger?  Find out at this site.   There's also a demonstration of how Newton's laws affect bumper car collisions.
Black Hole Gang This site introduces four kids and a dog named Newton who are crazy about science, and points kids  to some of the best kid-friendly science on the web.
Build a Solar System A built in calculator allows you to enter dimensions to create a scale model solar system.
Chem 4 Kids The Chem4Kids site includes information on matter, atoms, elements, math, and reactions. Find a chemistry quiz and other miscellaneous information as well. 
Cool Science for Kids The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology...on screen, off screen, and in between.  Concepts such as classifying is taught.  The site is aimed at the elementary age child.
Earthquakes The site offers a history of earthquakes, an interactive map of earthquake sites, explains how they happen and how they are predicted.
EPA Student Center Hosted by the EPA, this site provides resources for students.  Excellent resources for students are categorized into air, conservation, ecosystems,water, human health, waste and recycling.   The material is interesting and accessible.
Exploritorium Snack Book The demonstrations and exhibits are wonderful. There are many, many choices that would be fun, and easy to replicate at home or in the classroom.
Extreme Science Ever wondered what the biggest, baddest and the best are in the natural world? Check out the gallery of world records in science and meet some of the way cool scientists who are out on the edge studying this stuff
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: This site offers   historical documents, scientific experiments, mathematical challenges, famous paintings, and other tools for teachers & students. Thousands of topics can be searched -- from the Civil War, the Constitution, to the Amistad Case. Resources can also be viewed in 12 subject areas.
The Great Plant Escape Elementary students "help Detective Le Plant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life." The interdisciplinary lessons at this site combine Web-based activities with hands-on experiments
Helping Kids Learn Science This site is designed for the parent who would like to encourage the natural curiosity and enjoyment that children have for the natural world.
How Stuff Works Searching for a topic for your science fair entry.  This is a good choice.  The website is appropriate for students in grades 3-12.  Find out how car engines work or how CD's work.   The site has an extensive list of topics.
Ozone Hole Tour Sponsored by the University of Cambridge, this site provides history and background on the Ozone hole.   The site features movies, pictures and other graphics. 
PhysLINK This attractive resource site has well developed reference, societies, and publications sections, and also links to history, news, and fun sites as well. Visitors can subscribe to PhysLINK's Quotations mailing list for a weekly quote by e-mail.
Science of Hockey This site takes you inside the sport of hockey and explains the science. The site, developed by the Exploritorium, contains RealVideo and Audio interviews with top scientists and NHL players and coaches.
Simple Flying Machines The Community Learning Network (CLN) has a theme page with links to resources on Simple Flying Machines. Three categories of flying machines are Kites, Model Hot-Air Balloons, and Paper Airplanes.
Stephen's Hawkings Universe A website developed to enhance the PBS series, this site is for secondary students who are interested in the physics of the universe. Was there a big bang? Is there missing matter? What is antimatter? singularity? imaginary time? Is the universe inhabited?
The Electronic Zoo Delightful pictures of animals, the Electronic Zoo is sure to entertain.
Welcome to the Planets Some of the best images from NASA are included in this site.  This site offers links to other related sites.
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