Attendance Policy Information

Spartanburg School District Three will continue to promote regular school attendance. We are required to enforce the South Carolina Compulsory School Attendance Law, which states that every child from ages 5 to 17 must be enrolled and attend school regularly. If your child will be absent or tardy, please send a note with them.  You may also leave a message for Mrs. Mann at 864-279-6722 at any time of the day or night to let us know why your child will not be in school.  

In addition, a recent change was made which requires schools to have parent conferences at five unlawful or three consecutive unlawful absences. At this time, we are required to develop an attendance Intervention Plan to improve your child’s attendance and to classify a student as “truant” in their attendance information. If unlawful absences continue, we will make a referral for truancy court intervention. By law, a total of ten (10) unlawful absences may result in your child being unenrolled at the high school.  Office staff will call home to verify a student’s absence.

All students must bring a doctor’s statement and/or a parental note to Mrs. Mann following all absences. A parent or guardian note can excuse three days per semester.  After 3 parent notes per semester, all other excuses must be written by a doctor.  Please note that vacations will not be excused during the school year.  Parents should arrange doctor appointments for times other than during school hours when possible. Every effort should be made to have your child attend the full school day from 8 AM until 3:15 PM.

If your child drives and needs to leave school early for a Doctor’s appointment, please call Mrs. Brannon at 864-279-6700 and let her know or send a note with your student.  No student, regardless of age, can sign themselves out of school without parental permission.

A student must attend class a minimum of 85 days in a one-unit course and 42 days in a 1/2-unit course to be considered for credit.
  • Students may be excused for extended medical problems with approved documentation. All other excessive absences must be made up in Attendance Lab.
  • Attendance will be taken in each block.
  • Failure to sign in or purposefully signing in using someone else’s name will be considered
    a class cut.
  • Students will NOT receive credit for a course if attendance requirements are not met.
  • Attendance Lab will be offered and is required for students who exceed the maximum number of un-excused absences (Five).
You can email parent or Medical Notes to [email protected] or fax them directly to 864-279-6878.

Students must be in class for more than 50% of class time to receive class attendance credit.

Seniors (12th grade) will be allowed two (2) excused days (“school business”) for college visits. The days must be approved in advance. If the visit has not been approved, it will be considered an unexcused absence.

Students must arrange for make-up work within two (2) days of returning to school. Work should be made up within the same number of days the student has been absent. The teacher will grade the work and determine exact due dates. Students who are absent should access teacher webpages or class calendars and assignments. Parents are also encouraged to monitor student assignments by visiting the parent portal on PowerSchool and teacher websites. Upon returning to school, students should attend tutorials to make up any outstanding assignments during Centurions Connect.

Broome students have opportunities to participate in activities and tutorials during the Centurions Connect power lunch each day. Teachers in all academic subject areas have tutorials a minimum of two days each week to work with students in small groups on their weaknesses or to provide time for students to make up missing work. All students are encouraged to attend
tutorial sessions as needed. Additionally, students with failing averages or missing work are required to attend primary tutorials for that course for 30 minutes weekly during lunch.

Download the Attendance and Tardy Policies here.

Contact information:
Stacy L. Mann  
[email protected] 
Broome High School
Fax: 864-279-6878