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Head Coach: Ben Waddle

Assistant Coach: Blake Burress

JV Baseball
Head Coach: David Burress

C-Team Baseball
Head Coach: Nick Turner
Assistant: Steve Burress

2022 Roster

Broome “Centurion” Baseball
2022 Varsity Roster

Number    Name            Height/Weight    Class    B/T    Position
1    Braxtin Turner        5’10”/190        Sr    L/R    OF        
3    Cameron Moore        5’10”/175        Sr    R/R    RHP/INF/OF
4    Dylan Ramirez        6’2”/205        Sr    R/R    INF/RHP                
5    Jameson Duncan        5’7”/150        Jr    R/R    OF/INF
7    Jeb Dawson        6’1”/175        Sr    R/R    RHP/INF/OF
8    Adam Stacy        6’0”/185        Sr    R/R    RHP/INF/OF
9    Paul Lee            6’2”/185        Jr    R/R    RHP/INF
10    Landen Wylie        5’9”/180        Sr    R/R    INF/C        
11    David Inman        6’2”/200        So    R/R    RHP/INF/OF    
12    Tristen Horne        5’7”/180        Sr    R/R    RHP/INF/OF        
13    Brady Jones        6’0”/175        Soph    R/R    RHP/INF/OF
14    William O’Shields        6’1”/155        Jr    L/L    LHP/1B/OF                
15     Morgan Robson        6’0”/220        Sr    R/R    RHP/INF/OF
17    Nathaniel Carpenter        6’1”/195        So    R/R    RHP/INF/C
18    Hunter Jolly        5’10”/220        Jr    L/L    LHP/OF/1B
22    Jackson Fowler        5’10”/200        Jr    R/L    LHP/1B/OF
23    Dalton Crawford        6’2”/225        Sr    R/R    RHP/C/INF

Broome “Centurion” Baseball
2022 Junior Varsity Roster

Number    Name            Height/Weight    Class    B/T    Position        
1    Holden Varner        5’7”/130        So    R/R    RHP/INF/OF
2    Luke Fowler        5’10”/140        Fr    R/R    RHP/INF/OF
3    Preston Thrift         5’11”/140        Fr    L/L    OF/LHP/1B
4    Mason Dickson        5’9”/180        So    R/R    OF
5    Charlie Reid        5’9”/130        Fr    R/R    INF
6    Parker Crawford        5’8”/135        Fr    R/R    INF/RHP/OF
7    Christian Giles        5’4”/135        Fr    R/R    RHP/INF/OF
8    Stephen Harris        5’9”/130        Fr    R/R    C/OF/INF    
9    Sam Harris        5’10”/135        Fr    R/R    OF/RHP                    
10    Bryson Arrowood        5’11/160        Fr    R/R    C/INF
11    David Inman        6’2”/200        So    R/R    RHP/INF/OF                
12    Grayson Bradley        5’10”/ 130        Fr    L/L    LHP/OF                    
14     Landon Deaton        5’8”/155        So    R/R    RHP/INF/OF    
15    Grant Bradley        5’11”/150        Fr    L/R    OF/C
16     Mason Blackwell        5’7”/150        Fr    L/L    LHP/OF
17    Nathaniel Carpenter        6’1”/195        So    R/R    RHP/INF/C    
19    Jackson Crunkilton        6’3”/245        Fr    L/L     LHP/OF/INF

youth camp screenshot

Broome Baseball Youth Camp

Join us from May 31 to June 3 to learn the fundamentals of baseball as played the Broome way, encourage proper knowledge of the game, promote community involvement, and garner support for our student-athletes! Click here for more information!
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broome baseball youth clinic

Broome Baseball Youth Clinic

Join us for the Broome Baseball Youth Clinic on February 20! Click here for details.
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broome baseball

Broome Baseball Tryouts

Broome High Baseball Tryouts
Monday, January 31, 2022
After school on the Broome High Baseball Field
-Grades 7-8: Report at 3:30 p.m.
-Grades 9-12: Report at 5:15 p.m.
-Wear game/workout gear
-All athletic paperwork (updated physical, parent permission forms, history, and concussion form) must be completed and turned in to Coach Ben Waddle prior to participating.
-If you are currently participating on a winter athletic team sponsored by District Three (Broome or Clifdale), your tryouts will be held after your winter season is complete.

Please contact Coach Ben Waddle [email protected] if you have questions or concerns.

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Another shutout for Broome baseball!

Jeb Dawson had all the right stuff on Tuesday for Broome Varsity, allowing zero runs and besting Emerald by a score of 14-0. Click here for more highlights!

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Dawson Throws Perfect Game Over Southside, Takes Victory For Broome Varsity

Jeb Dawson pitched three perfect innings to earn the win for Broome. Dawson faced nine batters and struck all nine out.

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host family info

Interested in being a host family for a Spartanburger?

The Spartanburg baseball team, the Spartanburgers, are looking for families to host and provide housing for their players. Read about some of the ways you can help here!
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2022 Broome Baseball Schedule

Download your copy of the Broome Baseball schedule here!