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Broome High/Middle School Fishing Team Schedule 
Dates              Lake                     Boat ramp/Landing 
10/10/20          Murray                         Dreher Island
12/5/20            Hartwell                        Green Pond
1/16/21             Keowee                        South Cove
2/20/21            Russell                               TBD
4/17/21            Clark Hill                      Dorn Landing        
5/7/21             (Classic)  Murray          Dreher Island
5/8/21             (Classic)  Murray          Dreher Island
Head Coach: Jeff Gibson
Saturday, October 10, Broome High/Middle school fishing team’s first tournament of 2020 was at Lake Murray.

The BHS fishing team finished first in the high school division, edging out 12 other high school teams. Chance Phelps finished 3rd overall with a weight of 7.31, Jeremiah Jones/ Hunter Smith finished 4th overall with a weight of 6.99 (and they caught the biggest fish of the tournament with a 5.03). Lawson Frady/ Adam Stacy finished 9th overall with a weight of 5.27.

BHS High School had a combined weight of 19.57 for Broome High school fishing team’s FIRST ever PBC high school tournament trail victory! Middle school anglers finished 3rd overall and BHS Middle school had three first time boaters fishing with only one returning from last year. So proud of everyone! -Coach Jeff Gibson

Top three teams for the 2019-2020 school year:

Adam Stacy: 1st place high school
Lawson Frady: 1st place high school
Colton Wells: 2nd place high school
Parker Sullivan: 2nd place high school
Mason Lytle: 3rd place high school
Ethan Burnett: 3rd place high school
Mason Lytle: 3rd place high school

KJ Tessnier: 1st place middle school
Cole Jolley: 1st place middle school
Brady Jones: 2nd place middle school
Steven Odell: 2nd place middle school
Ian Brown: 3rd place middle school
Trent Gregory: 3rd place middle school