Broome Football

High School:
Lynn Fleming- Head Coach Broome Football Program
Cell-864-888-7100    [email protected]
Assistant: Spencer Dearybury
[email protected] 
Assistant: Blake Burress
[email protected] 
Assistant: Gavin Anderson
[email protected]
Assistant: Nick Taylor
[email protected] 
Assistant: Brent Bridges
[email protected]
Assistant: Tony Sullivan
[email protected]
Assistant: Joshua Lang
[email protected]
Assistant: James (Mike) Reid
[email protected] 
Assistant: Dylan Threadgill

C-Team Football:
Will Hickson- Head Coach- Offensive Coordinator/QB
[email protected]
Ben Waddle- Head Coach
[email protected]
Assistant: Kevin Coy
Assistant: Shane Cleapor
Assistant: Connor Bridges
Assistant: Troy Lee
Assistant: Chris Wilson
Assistant: John Shump
John Shump- WR/DB
[email protected]
Assistant: Jonathan McAbee 

Chris Wilson- Equipment/Paperwork/DB
[email protected]
Troy Lee- Paperwork/RB/LB
Cell-864-384-5777 [email protected]
Shane Cleapor- OL/DL
Cell- 864-205-9536 [email protected]

8th Grade
Ben Waddle- Head Coach- RB/DB
Cell- 864-918-7350 [email protected]
Kevin Coy- Offensive Assistant - QB/DB
[email protected]
Jonathan McAbee- Defensive Coordinator- WR/LB
Cell- 864-680-3230 [email protected]
Dylan Threadgill- OL/DL
Cell- 864-357-2267 [email protected]

Varsity Schedule

varsity schedule email for an ada friendly version

JV Schedule

JV will play at Landrum on Thursday, September 9 at 7:00.
JV will play Emerald at home on September 16.
for an ada friendly version of the schedule, please email

Centurion D-Team Schedule

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