eLearning Day
Due to the inclement weather issues caused by Hurricane Ian and the National Weather Service's predictions of high wind speeds with gusts of over 45 mph, Spartanburg School District Three schools and offices will have an eLearning day on Friday, September 30.

All afterschool activities, including Boys and Girls club and athletics, have been canceled.

Your students' school will be in touch with you about eLearning assignments.

Bully Free in District Three

Addressing Bullying

Bullying is an aggressive behavior that is intentional, and mean-spirited, which involves an imbalance of power or strength.  It is usually a repetitive negative behavior that happens over time and takes many forms such as: physical bullying, verbal bullying, emotional bullying and cyberbullying.  

In Spartanburg School District Three, our employees work tirelessly to maintain a positive, supportive climate in which every student is safe and has an opportunity to succeed.   Over the past seven years, we have been proactive in implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, an international researched-based anti-bullying program designed to address bullying at the school, classroom and individual level.  Through Olweus, teachers, staff and students are trained to define, observe, intervene and, most importantly, report bullying as outlined in our Anti-Bullying Expectations.    

Spartanburg School District Three will not tolerate bullying and has in place severe negative consequences such as suspensions, behavior contracts, alternative placements and potential expulsion for repeat offenders.