Certificate Renewal

Certificate Renewal

Certificate Renewal Procedures

Certified staff may renew certificates through options other than taking courses. Teachers are now able to earn "points" or credits, which count toward certification renewal.

Under this option, a teacher may accumulate points (since July 1, 2002). Renewal points may replace graduate coursework for those teachers who have a Master’s degree or above. Teachers who have a Bachelor’s degree must continue to take a minimum of three-hours of graduate credit at a University during the five-year renewal plan.

Check current certification through the SCDOE Educator Certification Database.

The following documents explain the procedures that certified staff should follow:
Use this sheet to maintain records of all staff development. Teachers should return this document with supporting evidence to the Office of Personnel during the certificate renewal year.
Use this form to request pre-approval for supervising a student teacher or practicum student.
Use this form to request pre-approval of a workshop or conference.
Principals submit for staff development activities conducted for teachers and others that are beyond the typical time for meetings after school (i.e., SIP, Thinking Maps follow-up, etc.)
Use this form to receive pre-approval and number of credits for grant writing and other educational projects. (Submit to Assistant Superintendent for Instruction)