eLearning Day
Due to the inclement weather issues caused by Hurricane Ian and the National Weather Service's predictions of high wind speeds with gusts of over 45 mph, Spartanburg School District Three schools and offices will have an eLearning day on Friday, September 30.

All afterschool activities, including Boys and Girls club and athletics, have been canceled.

Your students' school will be in touch with you about eLearning assignments.

District Accreditation

AdvancED District Accreditation Resources

During the week of March 28, 2016, Spartanburg County School District Three hosted an AdvancED External Review Team that reviewed our district and schools to evaluate our adherence to the AdvancED Accreditation Standards and to make a recommendation for AdvancED School System Accreditation.
The team found that Spartanburg County School District Three met and exceeded the requirements for accreditation and announced that it will be recommending the District for AdvancED School System Accreditation.  Their recommendation will be reviewed and acted upon by the national AdvancED Accreditation Commission in June.

To earn AdvancED School System Accreditation, systems must: 1) meet the AdvancED Accreditation Standards; 2) implement a continuous process of improvement; and 3) host an External Review team once every five years.

As a part of the accreditation process, a team of trained professionals from across the state and nation, reviewed the district’s documents and performance data; interviewed district, school and community stakeholders; conducted site reviews of all of the district’s schools; and observed district and school practices in action.  The team offered both recognition of strong practices, including strong leadership, a cooperative community, and involvement of families in their children’s education, as well as areas for improvement to the system.

“The AdvancED process of self-reflection and review provided valuable feedback for our district’s future growth”, stated Superintendent Kenny Blackwood.

In the next year, the District must report to AdvancED its progress in addressing the team’s two Improvement Priorities.  

Dr. Susan Little, assistant superintendent for instruction commented, “I am extremely pleased with the feedback the team gave us.  The two improvement priorities focused on developing and implementing a strong strategic plan that would support already identified district priorities.  The recommendations affirmed the district’s positive emerging best practices, but also indicated the district would need to develop and implement a strong strategic plan to ensure continued support for the current direction of the district.  Our team is ready to begin work on the strategic plan as well as continue to sustain our district priorities.”

Members of the community, that wish to review the commendations and recommendations made by the AdvancED External Review Team, can contact the district to review the report.  Parents and interested community members also can learn more about the AdvancED School System Accreditation Process at www.advanc-ed.org.

AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world. They are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of PreK-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.