Library Media Center

Welcome to the Library Media Center at Pacolet Elementary! The Library Media Center has lots of resources to help students and parents with information needs.

Need assistance? Contact Mrs. Hartell via email at [email protected] or phone at 279-6500. You may also use the Contact Link to the left to reach me.
Use the links below to access resources and reading materials.
Use this site for educational games in math, reading, typing, and logic. 
This site has books and videos in pairs with a nonfiction and fiction in each pair. (See Mrs. Hartell for username and password for this site.)
Capstone Interactive Library titles are great for young readers. These titles can be read independently, but the read aloud feature is great for read alouds.
(see Mrs. Hartell for a username and password to use from home)
Learn to use your computer science skills at this site. It is full of coding activities.  
This site provides interactive games for kids that help them develop their digital citizenship skills and practice using online resources safely. 

South Carolina's Virtual Library is a great place to find information on famous figures, animals, and historical events. Discus has encyclopedia articles, videos, photos, and even games for students. (see Mrs. Hartell for a username and password to use from home)
Check out this resource for 1000's of free ebooks and audiobooks. Class code: SZK-9822
Use IXL to practice your math and reading skills. Use the same username and password you use for your Chromebook to log in to IXL. 
Our Library Catalog lists every title in the library media center collection as well as summaries, recommended interest levels and recommended reading levels. Our e-book collection and audio book collection are accessible from the Library Catalog, and many of the titles offer unlimited checkouts!
Use this site to learn all about staying safe online.  

Check out games and more from the official PBS Kids site. 
Pebble Go is a multimedia source for information on animals, Earth and space, biographies and social studies. Pebble Go even reads aloud to students. (see Mrs. Hartell for the username and password)
These math games are great for practicing math in fun ways. 
Do you enjoy reading Dr. Seuss' many books from our library. If so, check out this interactive website. you can learn all about Dr. Seuss' work and even play games.

Check out these amazing books!
This site has games, movies and books for students in grades k-3. 
Tumblebooks is provided by Discus and contains thousands of books for kids!
Tween Tribune is sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute and contains interesting articles and amazing photographs on a variety of subjects for students in grades 5-8.
Log in to practice your typing skills and keep track of what you have learned about keyboarding. 
Use this keyboarding resource to practice your typing skills. You will use your username and password to access activities.

This free site for students, parents and teachers can help you practice your math skills.