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Fun Facts
--as of January 18, 2019 
  • There are 13,748 items in the collection.
  • Each student may check out two resources for four weeks. Materials should be renewed or turned in by the due date. 
  • New titles are added monthly. 
  • The librarian would like to know what you would like to read. If you want to read a book that is not part of the collection, speak to the librarian.  
Reading Resources
Access over 13,000 eBooks on a variety of subjects. 

Search by keyword, subject, title, author, or series. Destiny Discover has the additional benefits of the "You May Also Like" feature and the updated MLA 8, APA, and Chicago citation styles. Log in with your school credentials to take advantage of these benefits.

Students: Login in with school email address and password. *Search/browse titles in Selection Stream. *Download titles in offline mode. *Personalize with bookmarks, notes, favorites (options vary by selection). *Read along, highlight words, and more.

Log in with the username and password found in the BHS Student Passwords 2021-2022 link above. Use this resource for articles, videos, and ebooks on a variety of topics.

Royalty-Free Music
Soundzabound High quality, royalty-free production music that ensures copyright safety; username and password required


Style Guides

MLA Style Center
A quick guide to MLA Style
Provides quick answers to frequently asked questions
Be sure to check with the teacher's requirements.

Online Dictionaries

English Oxford Living Dictionaries "Oxford Dictionaries focuses on current language and practical usage. The English site provides free access to the largest current English dictionaries and thesaurus as well as helpful tips on grammar, usage, spelling, and more."

English Research Resources

News Resources

Wall Street Journal
See media center staff for credentials. media center staff for login information)
Charleston, SC- (limited viewing privileges)

Columbia, SC- (limited viewing privileges)