eLearning day
Due to the current road conditions, Spartanburg County School District Three will have an eLearning day on Thursday, January 20, 2022. This will be an eLearning day for all students. Students will be able to log on to their devices and expected to complete assignments.

Whenever our District has dealt with inclement weather, our administrators check all roads and streets in our district to make sure our student drivers and buses can travel safely. While many of our streets have thawed out from this past week's storm, several roads, like the ones pictured below, have not.

District Three tries to make this decision as early as possible without preeminently closing. We understand how difficult it is for all families but we do try to give as much advanced notice as possible!

Staff Directory

for Gettys D. Broome High
Aguirre Mims, Ambar
Spanish Teacher
Anthony, Bella
Auditorium Coordinator
Boykin, Michael
Special Education Teacher
Bramhall, Ben
Guidance Counselor, Power School Coordinator
Brannon, Laquanda
ALP Coordinator
Bridges, Brent
Physical Education Teacher
Burnett, Frances
Media Center Assistant
Burress, Blake
Social Studies Teacher
Burress, David
English Teacher
Calvert, Jana
Social Studies Teacher
Camp, Rod
AFJROTC Instructor
Carling, Summer
Science Teacher
Chesebro, Carrie
Assistant to the Principal
Clary, Erica
Guidance Counselor
Clowney, Joe
Head Custodian
Cochran, James
Social Studies Teacher
Conn, Roscoe
Art Teacher
Cooksey, Liz
Social Studies Teacher, Volleyball Coach
Cooper, Rebecca
Physical Education Teacher
Coy, Melissa
Computer Science Teacher
Crosby, Tyler
Social Studies Teacher, SGA Adviser
Davis, Charmell
Math Teacher
Dearybury, Spencer
Physical Education Teacher/Strength Training Coach
Dubois, Sheri
Biology, Anatomy and Physiology Teacher
Duggins, Sandra
Accounts Manager, Broome HS and Athletics
Field, Kelsey
Cognia Chair, Assistant Varsity Cheer Coach, Head Basketball Cheer Coach
Fleming, Lynn
Athletic Director
Forney, Phillip
Graduation Coach
Fortner, Anna
Math Teacher
Foster, Tonya
Chemistry Teacher
Fox, Marie
Biology Teacher and Science Department Chair
Frye, Skip
Cross Country Coach
Gianni, Catherine
Chorus Teacher
Gilmer, Sherry
Guidance Assistant
Goode, Delilah
Career Development Facilitator
Graves, Rodney
Greelis, Ryan
Athletic Trainer
Greene, Jermaine
Assistant Principal
Greene, Lana
Social Studies Teacher
Hartell, Holly
Library Media Specialist
Hill, Nicole
Hurst, Hallie
School Secretary
Jones, Katelyn
Math teacher
Kanipe, Tina
Science Teacher
Kingsland, Roxanne
Art Teacher
Law, Jake
School Resource Officer
Lee, Jennifer
English Teacher, AVID Teacher
Lee, Troy
ISS/Football Coach
Levister, Hannah
ESOL Teacher
Linder, Janet
Guidance Counselor
Lipsey, David
Science Teacher
Loftis, Tim
Instructional Specialist
Manasas, Nancy
English Teacher
Mann, Stacy
Martin, Benjamin
English Teacher
McAninch, Scott
German Teacher
Meulemans, Lindsay L.
Spanish Teacher
Montemayor, Melanie
Special Education Teacher
Moon, William
Band Director
Moss, Kathryn
Science Teacher
Page, Lisa
English Teacher
Painter, Melanie
Math Teacher
Parker, Ami
Director of Guidance
Peake, Angela
Introductory Computer Science
Purinton, Doug
Science Teacher, PLTW Engineering Instructor
Rogers, Jan
English Teacher
Senger, Scott
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Smith, Gloria
Transportation Assistant
Sparks, Angel
English Teacher
Spears, Cynthia
Math Teacher
Sprouse-Anderson, Sally
Assistant Principal
Suthard, Jonathan
Taylor, Laura
Attendance Clerk
Teal, Justin
Math Teacher
Triplett, Deanna
Math Teacher
Tucker, Kandice
Math Teacher
Turner, Holly
Special Education Teacher
Waddle, Benjamin
Social Studies Teacher
Ward, Cathy
BHS Instructional Coach and Testing Coordinator
Wilkins, Jeanne
German Teacher
Wilkins, Russell
Foreign Language- Spanish
Williams, Levator
Transportation Secretary
Wilson, Tina
Special Education Teacher