Title I Information

Title I Overview

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 is a set of programs administered by the United States Department of Education to distribute funding to schools and school districts with a high percentage of students from low-income families.   The Act was originally authorized for five years; however the government has reauthorized the Act every five years since its enactment. 
As mandated in the legislation, the funds are authorized for educators' professional development, instructional materials, resources to support educational programs, and parental involvement. Once a school receives Title I funding it is regulated by an entire set of federal legislation such as the latest reauthorization, No Child Left Behind Act.

Title I Notice
All of the K-5 schools in Spartanburg School District 3 are Title I schools and have schoolwide programs.  Schoolwide Title I programs count on parent support.  All parents are invited to help plan and take part in their school?s program.  Title I schools receive extra funds to improve the performance of students most in need of educational help.  As a parent, you are part of the Title I team!  You influence your child?s education more than any teacher or school.  Your involvement can boost your child?s achievement!  We encourage you to learn more about Title I and to take an active role at your school.  Show your child how important he or she is to you, and how important education is to you.