D3 Virtual

Welcome to D3 Virtual!

Welcome to Spartanburg School District Three’s Virtual Program. We are honored to provide an option to families that will allow students to stay at home and receive all classes virtually off-campus with the support of a certified teacher. Our D3 Virtual program will provide students with a rigorous curriculum with support from a certified teacher using Zoom, Google Classroom, and/or Schoology with additional support through different programs such as MAP (Measures of Academic Progress).

If parents select D3 Virtual, the placement will remain in effect until the end of the first semester. The Superintendent reserves the right to allow students to move from D3 Virtual to face-to-face instruction pending space available within the classrooms.

Primary and elementary students should confirm they have access to compatible devices before selecting D3 Virtual. Students in those grades will be assigned a District Three teacher and will work independently through the Edmentum courseware. Middle and high school students will work through the APEX courseware with the assistance from our teachers as well.

District Three will not utilize learning paper packets for students who choose D3 Virtual. D3 Virtual students will be able to participate in any extra-curricular activities that we are able to offer this school year. Meals will also be available for pick-up for D3 Virtual students.

Our dedicated staff looks forward to working with your family during the upcoming school year. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or me any time you have questions or concerns.

Yours in Education,
Windy Hodge
D3 Virtual Director
[email protected]

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Middle School communication tree


D3 Virtual will follow the same calendar as on-campus learners. You can download it here!