Article: District Three Board of Trustees Election Results

District Three Board of Trustees Election Results

Following the November 2 election, District Three would like to congratulate the three returning board members and two newly elected board members.

Our governing board is comprised of civic-minded individuals who give their time and talents without any compensation to make decisions that directly impact the future: our students.

chris jolleyMr. Chris Jolley is the current Board Chairman and has served on the board since 2015. "The D3 people that I love deeply have voted to allow me the opportunity to serve them four more years. I give you my word that I will fight for you, our teachers, our communities, and most of all, our children of D3," Jolley said. 

ami odomMrs. Ami Odom is the current Board Vice Chairman and has served on the board since 2017. "To say I am humbled and honored by your support is an understatement. Thank you for trusting me to serve four more years as a D3 Trustee. I will honor your vote through action and tireless commitment to ensure our children have the opportunities they need and deserve," Odom said.

deion loganMr. Deion Logan is a current board member and has served on the board since 2017. "Thank you to my D3 community for re-electing me to serve again! I look forward to serving another four years," Logan said.

Mrs. Cathy Voelker is a newly elected board member. Voelker is a nurse practitioner, married to a Clifdale Middle teacher, and has two children. "I want to get to know each and every student, staff, and educator of District 3. Furthermore, I want to see the growth and future of the district, while having high retention of staff and bringing on new and hopefully some old familiar alumni faces to the teams," Voelker said.

sarah dunnMs. Sarah Dunn is a newly elected board member. Dunn has lived in District Three for more than 60 years. She was previously a school bus driver in the district. "I would like to thank each of you for voting! I love and appreciate you all. I will do the best job that I can. Thank you!"

Congratulations to everyone! Thank you for your service to the students and staff of Spartanburg County School District Three.