Article: 3K Registration

3K Registration

3k registration infoSpartanburg School District Three is enthralled to announce the addition of a 3-year-old Pre-Kindergarten class at Pacolet Elementary School! This unique early learning opportunity was made possible through a grant from the Mary Black Foundation. This is an exciting opportunity for District Three, allowing us to offer free Pre-K for children in our community where daycares and early childhood centers are scarce.

"This is such an incredible opportunity to begin supporting and educating our children," Pacolet Elementary School Principal Allison Berry said. "Preschool years are critical for a child’s overall development and it is our mission to make it special. Students will build strong foundations for social, emotional, and academic success through a positive learning environment."

Enrollment for this 3-year-old Pre-Kindergarten class will begin later this month and will be open until the class has met its 15-student capacity. This full-day program will prepare students to be successful in our 4K and 5K instructional programs.

"We are so grateful to the Mary Black Foundation for providing the funding necessary to create this pivotal moment in District Three history," Ruth Schoonover, Coordinator of Parent Programs and Social Work said. "Having free, consistent, and educational care will be life-changing for several families in our community and we are so excited to watch these students blossom in an early learning environment."

Thank you to the Mary Black Foundation for making this a possibility in our District! We are hopeful that this class and its success will allow us to enroll even more students in the future.

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