Article: Spartanburg County School District Three closure announcement

Spartanburg County School District Three closure announcement

Spartanburg County School District Three will be closed for students starting Monday, March 16, 2020 through the end of Spring Break (April 5, 2020). District Three has been preparing for this potential closure for several weeks. Here’s what you need to know:

Faculty and staff, except those who are sick, already on approved leaves or considered high-risk for COVID-19 by their healthcare provider, are to report to work on Monday, March 16 for a teacher workday. 

Any student or parents who need to pick up their books, laptops, backpacks, personal items, and medications may do so between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm on Monday March 16.

Instruction will continue. We have ten school days of distance learning and eLearning plans ready to go, starting Wednesday. You can also read about our eLearning days here Students will be able to do assignments on paper or on their devices. Comcast and Spectrum are providing people with free internet for two months. We will also provide a list of hotspots for our students who do not have access to the Internet and there will be an extended grace period if assignments are turned in late. Our teachers will still be accessible by working remotely. 

The District Three administrative office and school offices will remain open. We will use this time to continue daily deep-cleaning and disinfecting of each building, preparing distance learning packets and receiving assignments from parents if their child cannot complete their assignments online.

We will be providing meals. Many of our students rely on school for access to nutritional food. Just like we provide meals in the summer for those who need them, we will make sure our students do not go hungry. We will provide a list of places where parents can pick up meals and we will also be distributing meals on an as-need basis.

All school-related activities will be canceled. Currently, any field trips, travel and visits to medical facilities or nursing homes are suspended. This means anything extracurricular or sports-related will also be postponed.

Finally, we absolutely understand the gravity of this situation, as well as how much of a hinderance a closure is for our parents. The government passed a Coronavirus relief bill on Friday, which should provide help to parents who have jobs where they’re paid hourly.

More information will be coming during the next few weeks. Principals will also be distributing information, pertinent to specific grade levels. Again, District Three administrative offices will remain open if you have questions or concerns.