Article: Middle School Practice Information

Middle School Practice Information

Middle School Practice Information
Starting Monday, the middle school football practice time will change. Practice will be from 3:30-4:30 pm. All paperwork must be completed!

Summer 2020 Athletic Safety Guidelines and Precautions

• All summer workouts are encouraged; however, they are not mandatory for any sport. 
• Coaches and athletic personnel will follow all safety procedures set by the South Carolina High School League. SCHSL Guidelines are posted on 
• Daily, all athletes will have their temperatures taken and answer the DHEC health screening questions before each workout by the Broome High School training staff or the athletic director.
• Any athlete running a fever or answering ‘yes’ to any of the health screening questions will not be allowed to work out or practice. 
• All athletes must have a completed paperwork on file (Physical, History, Forms, Concussion and Waiver). All forms are located on our websites or at the school. 
• Athletes will be required to wear a face mask when not actively participating in a workout or practice. 
• All athletes will be need to bring water bottles during the workouts. 
• Locker room facilities will not be open for use. Athletes need to report ready to participate.
• Athletes and coaches will adhere to social distancing requirements.
• Athletes will participate in groups of 16 or less during all workouts. 
• All areas used will be cleaned thoroughly with appropriate disinfectant before the next use. 
• Alcohol-based sanitizers and adequate hand washing stations will be provided for all athletes.
• No spectators will be permitted to attend workout sessions.
• The District Three Administration reserves the right to modify and adjust these guidelines and precautions based on recommendation from DHEC and the CDC.