Article: Board Chairman Resignation

Board Chairman Resignation

Spartanburg Board Chairman Mr. Kevin Lee announced his resignation from the Spartanburg County School District Three Board of Trustees on Monday, December 14 to pursue a new business venture that will require his full attention.

Under Mr. Lee's direction as chairman of the board (2016-2017, 2018-2020) and during his tenure as a board member for the past seven years, he has helped the district and its students immeasurably. During this time, he championed for a building program to improve all schools in the district, an unprecedented move since the 1970s. Mr. Lee has also always remained steadfast in his belief to keep the students and their safety as the district's number one priority.

"It is with great gratitude and a little bit of sorrow that I must resign from this position," Mr. Lee said in his resignation letter. "My time on this board has been rewarding beyond belief as I have had a great opportunity to serve the students and community for which I am so passionate."

Vice Chairman Chris Jolley said Mr. Lee's resignation is a huge loss for District Three, citing his leadership over the past years.

"Mr. Lee's love and passion for the students of District Three is obvious to everyone. His leadership has allowed our district to remain strong, with morals, philanthropy and a true understanding of the importance of a well-rounded student," Mr. Jolley said. "We are so sad to lose his presence on the board, but grateful that he'll remain in our community and an advocate for the best kept secret in the Upstate: District Three."

Superintendent Kenny Blackwood said filling Mr. Lee's board seat will be discussed at the January 2021 board meeting.

"Mr. Lee's commitment, dedication and passion for the improvement of the educational services provided to our students is unlimited and he will be sorely missed by everyone," Mr. Blackwood said.

Public Notice: District Three School Board Vacancy

In accordance with applicable State law and Board policy, the Spartanburg School District Three Board of Trustees will, by majority vote, appoint a candidate to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Mr. Kevin Lee.  The appointee will serve the remainder of Mr. Lee’s term from February 21, 2021 through November 30, 2021.